The healing affect from music
The healing affect from music is inextricable for the recovery process from Helene Neijmeijer,
a recovery process that at this given time, in an advanced stage is.

Helene is obviously still busy with her recovery, in many different ways.

Together with her partner Peter, they have e a successfully run healing-practice,
“Natural treatment Method”. Music plays a major and significant roll within their practice.

Helene brings easy-feeling music, that can interpret a vision, a feeling, an emotion, ….


Just go back in time for a moment,….

Because of an unfortunate fall, Helene sustained a high spinal cord injury. In addition to all the consequences that this injury brings with it, Helene had to surrender to her passion, singing!

The doctors highlighted the fact that she would, also, never be able to  sing again…


As all developments still continue!

"Helene’s power is that, in addition to her excellent voice, she is most of all authentic. She puts a great deal of herself into the music by sharing her personal experiences and emotions. Helene is capable of showing her vulnerability on stage, which enables her to personally affect people."

Z. Buursma


At Helene Neijmeijer’s home: Livingroom concerts, each with their own themes . . .


"Facing all the Pain"

“Facing all the Pain” is a refreshing rocky performance which radiates energy.
Lyrics: Helene Neijmeijer.
The music has been developed in collaboration with singer/guitar player Harm Jan Moes, who has managed to incorporate the music and the backing vocals in this clip in a most passionate manner.

Newest music-video "Songbird"